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Podcast: Mike ADAMS


Radiation Apocalypse




Podcast: Mike ADAMS


L'Apocalypse de la Radiation de FUKUSHIMA

02.9.2017-  The Guardian  

02.3.2017 - Le Monde  

02.8.2017  Fox News

05.1.2017 - The Mainichi

05.10.2017  NaturalNews

07.16.2017  MetroUK


Fukushimawatch    NaturalHealth365

Cesium Eliminator         IVC Therapy

GreenMedinfo    Tokyo 2020

Public Health Physician

Dr David CARPENTER Warns of

Smart Meters Dangers, Stresses

Need for Analog Option



 Click "CC " :French Subtitles


Dr David CARPENTER, Médecin de Santé Publique

Informe des Dangers des Compteurs Communicants ,

Insiste sur la Nécessité de l'option Analogique 


Director of Albany

School of Public Health

Maison du 21ème Siècle

David-Carpenter.   Dr CARPENTER MD


EUROPAEM EMF Guideline 2016

for the prevention,

diagnosis and treatment of

EMF-related health problems

and illnesses


 Pr   Martin PALL

Extract from Josh DEL SOL


''Take Back Your Power''


 Excerpt ,Click "CC " :French Subtitles

Extrait du Documentaire de Josh DEL SOL

''Reprenez Votre Pouvoir''


Version Intégrale de

Take Back Your Power


Dr MERCOLA: Mass Action

of Liability

Film "Reprenez Votre Pouvoir

VF de Take Back Your Power


GreenMedinfo:The 5G Microwave


GreenMedinfo: 5G is War on Humanity

 Villeneuve les Avignon

 The Truth about "Smart"

Meters by Josh del Sol

March 2019



Natural News:Smart Meters

Cook us with Thousands

of Microwaves Every Day



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