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Richie ALLEN Show:


Interview of


Barrie TROWER :


"5G will Dévastate


Humanity But Those Behind


it Are Above the Law



 Click "CC " :French Subtitles



Richie ALLEN Show:Interview de


Barrie TROWER :"La 5G va Dévaster


l'Humanité mais Ceux qui sont Derrière


Sont Au-Dessus de la Loi"




Dr Barrie TROWER:

WI-FI: A Thalidomide

in the Making


 5G Network Uses Same EMF Waves

as Pentagon Crowd Control System


La Maison du 21ème Siècle    GreenMed.Info


Natural Health 365


The Truth About 5G, by



Richie Allen interviews

Dr Martin Pall


International Appeal

Stop 5G on Earth and in Space


5G Technology Opposed in

more than 200 cities


  Podcast Extreme Health Radio

Blue Light Toxicity, Mitigating 5G

& Mitochondrial Health

(Full Version )



 Excerpt ,Click "CC " :French Subtitles

 Extrait de Podcast:

Interview d'Extreme Health Radio

du Neurochirurgien Dr Jack KRUSE

au sujet de l'impact de la 5G sur

la Santé de nos Mitochontries et sur

la Santé de nos Habitations


 From the UN Office in VIENNA



 5G Wireless A Dangerous

Experiment on Humanity


Brussels Halts 5G     


FR-La Suisse Annule la 5G

EN-Switzerland Halts 5G


Dr Martin PALL:

5 G is the Most Stupid Idea

in the History of the World


FCC Chairman Says

5G Tech is More Important than Safety


Josh DEL SOL: 5G The Big Picture


Dr Mercola:"  Metal implants, could be acting like antennas for the microwave transmissions"




Dr. Sharon Goldberg Testifies at

Michigan’s 5G Small Cell Tower

Legislation Hearing 10.4, 2018.

She explains why 5G should not

be rolled out





 Click "CC " :French Subtitles















 La Dr Sharon GOLDBERG explique


pourquoi la 5G ne doit pas être déployée


devant la Commission Locale de


Concertation sur les Antennes Relais



  European 5G Conference

2019 Effectively Admits

5G is a Massive Biological Experiment

 France: Annuler le Déploiement de la 5 G

  A-   5G What You Need to Know

B-   Scientific Research on 5G

  C-   5G-Letters From Scientists

 The Dangers of 5G to Children's Health


New Mexico & New Brunswick

rejected Smart Meters Plans


Indiana refuses smart meters


 AMTV - Christopher GREEN

5G is a Military Weapon !



The Truth about 5G by

par Josh DEL SOL

( French Subtitles)



EMF Meter  



EMFs-Evidences of Harm by

Dr Martin PALL



Dr Martin PALL at the PHIRE

Conderence in LONDON

Cellular Effects of

Wi-Fi and 5G via VGCC


Appels de Scientifiques



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