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Joe ROGAN Got Covid

& Beat It with Nutrients,

Ivermectin and a Vitamin Drip






Original Version






French Subtitles


Télécharger le Transcript en Français


''Joe ROGAN, Animateur Radio, Parle du


Traitement Covid-19 à Domicile''




Powerful Joe ROGAN






 Joe ROGAN speaks about Ivermectin with Dr Sanjay GUPTA


SOTT.net : La montée en

puissance du Transhumanisme



Miles GUO ,

sous-titrages VF



Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and

Azythromycin: Outpatient Treatment of SARS CoV-2



Dr Ryan COLE Finds a 20 Times Incease of Cancers in Vaccinated Patients



Francis CRICK Institute Discovers that Covid-19 Vaccines Destroy T-Cells and Weakens the Immunit


Natural Immunity

Far Superior ,

Senator Rand PAULy






Dr MERCOLA: Lysine Therapy

Interups Virus Replication

  Anticorps Monoclonaux

Monoclonal Antibodies

Study: Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide in the tratment of Covid 19

L'Ivermectine a éliminé













































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