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All projects are translated by a a human professional,

not by a machine,and proofread several times to ensure a flawless result.

My language pair is:  English - French.

English is my souce language,French is my target language.

I translate all kinds of medical documents ,websites,reports,

Books,ebooks,Videos,dental documents,medical questionnaires,

for individuals,organizations and businesses.


I work fast,at an average speed of 700 words per hour.

I also offer Revision Services to correct any grammatical,

punctuation or spelling errors.A revision makes sure your translation is

flawless and ready for print.


Quality: I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If youíre not satisfied with the project result, Iíll fix it!

My customers are extremely important to me and I want you to be 100%

satisfied with my services, every time.





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