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CNBC Video

PG&E shares plummet after

company discloses "electric

incident" just before

California wildfires



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Vidéo CNBC:"L'Action PG&E a Chuté Après-


que la Société Ait Evoqué Un Incident Electrique


juste avant les incendies en Californie"






Barrie Trower  about 5G


The Most Selective Wildfires

in Recorded History-Smart Meters !!!


Huge Fire in Edimbugh


EMF Health -ElectraHealth.com


01.2019:   PG&E  déclare Faillite


04.2019:  PG&E debts climbed


BBC News: Are Forest Fires

as Bad as they seem?


NBC News:Tick and Kincade Fires


 CBS News       20 Minutes


 ''PG&E Knows "smart meters"

Catch Fire '', by Meter Reader




Click "CC " :French Subtitles

PG&E sait que les compteurs "intelligents'’

prennent feu" – Patrick WRIGLEY,

Releveur de Compteurs‘

Smart Meters Fires



Incendie Chapelle Plounérin


Santé Publique Editions

Incendies Linky


Liste des incendies de

Linky France,2019


Liste2019 Suite


Capital Mag: Linky Incendies



Linky:des cas d'incendies

qui inquiètent


 Amazon shuts off ALL fullfilment center solar panels affter spate of fires, electtrical explosions


 Fire and Electrical Hazards from ''Smart'' Meters


BBC News: PG&E to Pay $13.5 bn

to wildfires Victims



PG&E will Shut Off Power

for Nearly a Million


 100 unexplained Fires of Food Processing Plants

 The California Wildfires

and Agenda 21

Greg REESE Reporting

for Infowars






 Click "CC " :French Subtitles


Les incendies de CALIFORNIE et l'Agenda 21


 Le Figaro: Janvier 2019

 Incendie Courchevel



Incendie Linky dans le Loiret


BFM TV:      Le Monde:



Le Parisien: Janvier2019

Explosion à Paris


 South Korea 5G Fire   Brazil 5G Fire


 September 2018:

 "Deadly Blasts that Destroyed

 Homes in Boston looked like


 ITV News



The Sacramento Bee

PG&E is About to go Bankrupt



Gironde - Cussay - Var - Paris

- Louveciennes  - Châlette-sur-Loing

MillauEssonne  - Darna TV


Bordeaux, Capital Magazine



BBC News:

California Wildfires


CNN: Amazon Rainforest

Burning at a Record Rate


The Amazon Rainforest in on Fire


Le Monde 10.2019


Fires in Los Angeles


  Australia Fires


Wall Street Journal


 Münich Opposition to 5G


Los Angeles Times     ABC News


 South Korea Fires       Indonesia Fires


Brazil Fires         Australia Fires


  California Fires


PG&E Pleads Guilty to 84

counts of manslaughter

in 2018 Camp Fire


 CBNC: Oregon Wildfires


West Cost Fires


 Waves of Fires of US

Processing Plants


Greg REESE Reporting on LAHAINA in HAWAÏ burning August 2023


Natural News Reportting on



Natural News , Electric Company accused on being Responsible for the




LAHANIA Fires in Pictures




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